For our fourth Mr Social affair we are transporting guests to Victorian England, to the time of Oscar Wilde, gin parlours, loose morals and foppish behaviour.

On Saturday November 24th, the newly opened Mrs Fogg’s Maritime Club and Distillery will set the scene for WILDE ONES, an evening cocktail party from 7.30pm till late, in a den of utter iniquity.

Complimentary tipples will greet 300+ gentlemen before they adjust their cravats and go on to explore our weird and wonderful world.

 Peacock-feathered “Crowd Mixologists” shall signpost the way from the ground floor Maritime Club bar to the Rangoon Steamer ship and down to the depths of the Distillery & Engine Room, where the dancing and gin consumption will occur.

We are also taking inspiration from Wilde’s “Picture of Dorian Gray”, a novel about male beauty, vice and a man so in love with his own reflection he sacrifices all sense of decency. Approach Dorian’s Gilded Mirror only to discover the photo booth to slay all others, capturing your image in all its glory and finessing your Instagram game.

As is our habit, we would never pass up the chance to host a Mr Quickie Corner at the event. Expect three minute speed dates, a complimentary sip of liquor for courage, and a fellow for the night.

And remember, resist everything but temptation.